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Why Partner With VIGA

Securing access to quality medicines and strategic distribution, and optimizing global supply chain are the toughest challenges faced by pharmaceutical and allied industry today. As a global pharma sourcing company, VIGA has a key contribution to make by providing quality medicines for some of the world’s most complex and regulated markets.

What we offer partners

At VIGA, we are uniquely positioned to work with you, become part of the combined goals, and thus maximize our respective benefits. At the core of each successful partnership is a close relationship based on trust and mutual respect. VIGA is committed to ensuring that our partnerships succeed and flourish. Signing the agreement is only the first step. We are committed to ensuring that, throughout our collaboration, our teams will work together in all relevant domains. We provide a clear and enriching channel of communication, ensuring transparent and candid dialogue. Together we will monitor our shared progress and work towards shared success.

Our aim is to be your partner of choice. We believe our unique business positioning gives us the ability to be an especially effective partner. This positioning with our partnering objectives allow us to be:

• Flexible –open to novel partnerships and multiple ways to engage partners
• Responsive –actively listening to partners and responding to their needs quickly
• Curious –learning from our partners and valuing their strengths
• Committed –nurturing relationships with partners based upon open communications, respect and mutual understanding
In addition, we bring a broad range of skills and resources to every partnership including,
•Competent leadership-management team of industry veteran's with complementary expertise in product development, R&D, manufacturing, QA/QC, logistics, global regulatory compliances, global sourcing and supply chain management etc

•Expertise in sourcing for highly regulated markets-

•Accountable business practices- learn more

•Responsible sourcing practices- learn more

•Comprehensive sourcing services- learn more

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Learn how VIGA's vision, mission and values are aligned with yours.

VIGA Vision & Mission and Viga Values


VIGA is managed by team of highly competent industry veterans to ensure success of any partnership.

Meet our management team


VIGA adopt responsible sourcing practices while working with suppliers & business practices


Learn more about our innovative and comprehensive sourcing services,

Comprehensive Sourcing Services
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