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Strateric Sourcing Partnership

Global pharma sourcing is beyond finding an outside supplier to fulfill or augment company's product line. At VIGA, we view global pharma sourcing as a process of gaining access to and further developing suppliers' capabilities, while expanding one's network and product base. And that's why, sourcing operations at VIGA extends beyond sourcing ready to sell products to cover host of other services like product consulting, product development, supplier development, quality management and regulatory compliances.

At VIGA, we actively seek opportunities to work with partner to leverage its comprehensive sourcing expertise with mutually beneficial arrangements. Partnership with VIGA most crucial and create a great value especially if you are,

•A distributor, retailer or retailer cooperative looking for alternative supplier for existing products or to diversify supplier base ensuring non-interrupted supply of your pharma products

•A med-surge distributor investing resources to serve well established customer base with pharma products

•A distributor, retailer or retailer cooperative with limited or no access to quality pharma manufacturing or limited or no resources to invest in global pharma sourcing operations

•A distributor, retailer or retailer cooperative looking to start or expand its own private label or control label program for pharma products

•A distributor, retailer or retailer cooperative exploring marketing innovative products to become sole supplier and secure strategic advantage

So, if you are a pharma distributor, med-surge device distributor, chain drug store, or retailer cooperative and seeking to develop or expand profitable pharma product portfolio, connect us to discuss a mutually beneficial collaboration.

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