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Quality Management

The quality and the safety of the products we supply is our single most top priority. At VIGA, we strongly believe that quality is more of process than a result. That’s why, every aspect of our sourcing operations is designed to ensure a promised quality not only in our pharma products we source but also in our services and overall experience we deliver to our customers.

VIGA has developed a strong, international standard Quality Management System which is in compliance with the regulations enforced by most of the regulating agencies, like USFDA, EMA, MHRA etc. VIGA's Quality Management System is designed by pharma industry veterans, international cGMP consultants and US regulatory & quality consulting company.

Some of our measures to assure quality and safety of products we source include,

• Quality Systems:
Our quality systems, made up of policies, core requirements, guidelines and procedures, are designed to ensure product quality irrespective of manufacturing facility and exceed compliance expectations with Good Manufacturing Practices. Any company which we engage for our customers for manufacturing formulated pharmaceuticals and sterile products must comply with cGMP standards. These standards include meeting requirements for verifying incoming materials, manufacturing, storage, handling and distribution of products. We continuously strive to improve these standards in order to ensure ongoing compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

SupplierDevelopment & Management Program
A industry standard program designed to identify, access, select and manage potential manufacturers for the products sourced by VIGA. With this program, VIGA ensures that all potential quality concerns related to products and manufacturing facilities are identified, accessed and resolved before beginning of any sourcing activity.

• Education & Training:
We provide appropriate and ongoing training on quality and cGMPs for our employees to ensure they are prepared to perform their duties effectively. These systems not only ensure that all applicable employees are trained, but they also monitor the effectiveness of training.

• Continuous Quality Monitoring and In-Process Quality Check (IPQC)
Our team of quality experts closely monitors all aspects of product development, product testing, product validation, stability testing and commercial manufacturing to confidently ensure quality of our products.

• Audits and Inspections:
We conduct periodic audits to further ensure that the supplier continues to meet cGMPs. Through such audits, we evaluate the continued acceptability of the facility from a quality assurance and regulatory compliance perspective.

• Product Testing:
As a part of supplier qualification process, quality tests are performed on all formulated products samples manufactured by identified manufacturers. Our quality tests extends to cover not only all active pharmaceutical ingredients used by manufacturers but also all formulated products before released to our customers. All quality testes are performed in internal as well as external certified international laboratories.

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