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Accountable Business Pratice

At VIGA, we believe that operating our company in a reliable, efficient, transparent and ethical manner enhances our ability to foster sustainable growth and create value for our customers, employees and suppliers. As the stewards of our company culture and reputation, how we do business is an important as what we do.

The VIGA Vision and Mission the company's statement of Values that guides all our activities -commits us to the highest standard of moral and ethical behavior. The values espoused in ourvision and mission, and applied in our Standards of Business Conduct , guide every action we take and every decision we make in the course of our business practices.

We strongly believe that true value to our customers is delivered only when we integrate and adopt their sourcing standards in our business processes. Our policies for sourcing for our customers, Sourcing Code of Conduct and Responsibility Standards for Suppliers are designed to provide clear direction as to how our high level commitments towards compliance to our customer's sourcing practices are to be translated into consistent actions across all sourcing activities.

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Our Vision & Mission and Our Values


VIGA adopt responsible sourcing practices while working with suppliers

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